We are Mallow, advisors for those who create with computers that take their power from clouds – and then fill those clouds to the brim with all kinds of creations.

Whatever you envision, our world-renowned Azure experts help you take full advantage of cloud capabilities for strategic and business-driven–development.

Freshest thinking, backed by an ace ecosystem:

As a team, we focus purely on Azure advisory. That enables us to stay ahead of the curve. Yet, as part of Reaktor’s Fusion Ecosystem of over 1 250 professionals, we are able to always source whatever tech or expertise is required to get the job done

Close buddies with Microsoft

For over a decade, we have built close relationships and networks with Microsoft. Because of this, we are always up-to-date with technology and aware of relevant trends and stakeholders.

Here to stay, grow, and lead

We have set out with a strong core team, offering the best service to our clients. However, our goal is to become the leading Azure partner. This requires rapid but deliberate growth based on acquiring the best talent.

Value to our customers and earn trust

We urge to provide value to our customer, with a passion for the best outcome for partner, and love for technology. Mallow services are not only person, but a team of people driving for the joint goal, whether it is about customer delivery or developing our journey.

Your professional development, live to your full potential

People with passion for cloud technology join Mallow to become best they can. We take responsibility on making sure our people have every opportunity to live up to their potential, by engaging people in interesting projects, offer trainings to learn and maintain the latest tech & skills. Most importantly, we allow our people to try, experiment and fail, and join the circle of comradery where the less experienced have the backup from seniors, and seniors are not afraid to learn from the young.

Working environment for success

Mallow way of working is based on creating environment of trust, safety, agility and quality, which is experienced by employees and customers alike. Simply put, no bs and get things done. We are versatile group of people with aim for diversity. We build smart ways of working and avoid creating artificial limitations.