Mallow Packaged offerings

At Mallow we truly care for our customers, and we make every effort to find the right solution. We know Azure, and we make sure our customer chooses the right steps going forward.

Along our custom services, we offer packaged services for fast delivery and quick starts.

When you leave home, you shut down the lights and don't leave the water running. The key to cost effective cloud utilization is to consume it as you need it. However, there is a million ways to set-up your service, and we help you to figure out the best fit, and point out fast ways to save in costs.

Common challenge is that cloud services have been implemented along the years, at times by IT, by business, and by different people and by different needs at time, without a consistent approach. Often there are security risks, parallel services and cost generated by services not in use. We assess your your Microsoft Azure cloud services, and give your organization a comprehensive look of what is in place, reflect the common best practices, and help you to identify areas of improvement for best result

Depending on the state of your cloud journey, we help to identify the steps to be taken either from fresh start, or the next steps for the existing cloud enviroment. We can assess the Roadmap from cloud architecture, single application, or from data perspective. With the Roadmap you know how to get started, what to prioritize, and have a realistic time-line for the areas in scope.

PaaS, laaS, SaaS. Public or Private cloud. We help you to get your team into same page regarding the fundamentals of cloud computing. It can be your leadership team, business group or product or sales team; we provide you with a crisp, non-technical session, after which your people share a common knowledge of cloud computing, terminology, and help to set the expectations of cloud on the level to match your business.

What does it mean to make your applications run in the cloud? And even more importantly, what needs to be done to the application to utilize the cloud advantages? We look into your specific applications and provide a view on what changes or modifications will bring the best outcome on simply moving applications to cloud, making changes, or at times, continue on-premises as is.

Azure offers a great platform to manage your loT processes. In this workshop we look into principles on managing your source or sensor data, how to manage the event process to enable desired level of automation and visibility into data.

Are you on your journey to be a data driven company? We help you to identify opportunities to build your data platform into cloud and utilize advatages of Microsoft Azure to streamline and accelerate the way you offer meaningful data to your customers and employees.

DevOps is a culture to combine development and IT operations with common practices to collaborate and enable quality, efficiency and productivity in building new services.

Among other tools, Azure provides capabilities to support this in Azure DevOps.

Ability to utilize cloud effectively requires business & IT to have a common practices for creating new services or modernizing existing.

We look at this from a practical view, to coach the organization in creating Azure Cloud Center of Excellence. CCoE manages the processes, skills and assets to provide business with effective way to utilize available Azure capabilities.